Marietta Police Firearm Safety Seminar Feb 16

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    Marietta Police Host Gun Safety Seminar
    And here's another one....

    The Marietta Police Department’s Training Unit will host a Firearm Safety Seminar on February 16th, 2011. This seminar is designed for civilians and will cover a variety of topics to include safety, laws, and alternative weapon usage. The seminar is free of charge.

    “This program has been developed to educate the citizens on current firearm laws and weapon safety. We want to equip citizens with the knowledge and skills so they feel confident owning and handling a firearm or weapon if they choose to do so†says Sergeant Jake King of the Marietta Police Training Unit.

    The Firearm Safety Seminar will be held on Wednesday February 16th, 2011 in Marietta City Hall Council Chambers, 205 Lawrence Street Marietta. To attend the seminar, simply be present when the seminar will begins at 6:30 p.m. The following topics will be covered:

    • Firearm/Weapon Safety
    • Firearm/Weapon Law
    • Recommended Home Defense Weapons
    • Civilian Model Stun Guns
    • Carry/Use of Pepper Spray

    This seminar is lecture based only and citizens are not required to bring anything. Information packets will be provided to attendees. Please do not bring any firearms or weapons to the seminar.

    Anyone with any questions regarding the Marietta Police Firearm Safety Seminar can contact Marietta Police Training Unit Sergeant Jake King at 770-794-5379.


    For full details, go to

    Contact Information:
    Jenny Murphy
    Support Services
    770-794-5200 [email protected]
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    I just returned from this seminar . . . I thought it was pretty good.

    It was very basic for experienced shooters and long-time GWL holders, but there weren't many of us in the audience - mostly older people (older than me, and I'm 60), some younger couples, and a few independent women. However, the content was just about right for most - heavy on firearms safety (e.g.; four main rules), safe storage, and home defense; pretty good discussion of Georgia deadly force law and how to acquire a GWL; and minimal (as would be expected at this stage) on firearms selection and proficiency. The audience filled the room, I'd estimate about 150 people in attendance.

    The speaker, Sergeant Jake King, did a great job. He was skilled and engaging, used humor to his advantage when discussing serious things, and understood Georgia firearms law (minor boo-boo on one of the finer points, but he still gets an 'A'). Lieutenant Brian Marshall, the MPD rangemaster, was also there, as well as Officer Dave Baldwin (another trainer and certified armorer). MPD Chief Dan Flynn introduced the program. At no time did I perceive any anti-gun or 'we're the police and you're not' sentiment from any of the participants - zero, nada, none. Very, very refreshing.

    I live in DeKalb and attended to see if this was something I could encourage DKPD to pick up and use as an outreach program. It is. Hopefully they won't figure out I'm the same guy getting G.C.O. to sue them over the 'fingerprint appointment' BS.

    Anyway, I was impressed. If your local jurisdiction doesn't offer a similar program, they ought to. Sgt. King will make his material available to them at no cost.