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Sent email to all on the fence, one each of the pro and anti reps, pluse one for good measure to Chairman David Ralston. I read on the other thread that it is not on the schedule for tomorrow, so keep the emails going. Here's my email if anyone wants to use and/or modify it.


Dear Rep. <NAME>,

By approving SB 396, you will be creating a deterrent against violent criminal attacks. However, should someone decide to criminally attack a citizen, that citizen should have the right to defend himself/herself. We all have a God-given right to self defense and to preserve our lives, now it is time to make it legal for the good people of Georgia to protect themselves in the face of grave danger. Fleeing is always an option, but don't let that be our ONLY option.

Consider that when an assailant has commenced a deadly attack on your life, if you have to stop and decide whether you'll survive attempting to flee, there are only two possible outcomes:

1. You take the time to give the matter the consideration it deserves. Meanwhile, the assailant will probably kill you.
2. You rush your decision. If deciding to flee is the wrong choice, you do not survive. Therefore it's not reasonable to rush this decision.

Either outcome is unreasonable. Therefore, if you're attacked and your life is in danger, you should have the option to not consider fleeing. In other words, you should have the right to stand your ground.

Please approve SB 396 without any amendments.

<YOUR TOWN, STATE> (optional)


Cross your fingers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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