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    Do y'all know of anywhere I can get custom topo maps other than
    Half of their sources date to 1984. There's main highways that didn't exist a in 84. Lol. And their maps are pretty low resolution because they're already I scanned copy of an original.
    Or if anyone knows of any good printing stores where I can take these 3'x4' maps and have them copied. I can use the dated maps for training but don't want to pay 35$ per training map. Staples could copy them onto bonded paper but their scanner isn't sensitive enough to pick up on the light green contour lines so their copies are barely helpful and 11$ per each colored 3'x4' copy.
    Before you guys say the pdf quads, I've tried those. They are great if I wanted to stick with 1:26,000 but I really need 1:50,000.
    Thanks for any help.