Manafort, Mueller, et. cet.

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Nemo, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Nemo

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    There is news and predictions all over the net that Mueller is actually going to expose the deep state, prosecute hiLIARy, Obama and all the rest. I gave it dayum little credence.

    But with CNN making note and reports of some things, maybe a bit of goings on around and about in DC.



  2. moe mensale

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    That's funny. Mueller is the deep state! :rotfl2: I give a 0.0% probability that he'll expose or prosecute anyone on the "never Trump" side of the equation. He'd be risking his very own exposure and involvement in things going back years and years.

    If there's going to be any prosecutions against anything, anyone related to the deep state and the 2016 election it's going to come from US Attorney John Huber, the DOJ prosecutor assigned by AG Sessions to work with IG Michael Horowitz.
  3. NTA

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    I heard a few weeks ago that the Podesta bros are not to be investigated. But that may have been from just one Fed / DOJ dept. The purpose of any investigation of these types is to give them a quick clean report of nothing to see here.

    On the the release of the hidden documents, this will no doubt have more surprises.

    Some say DT will not ever release them given the many FBI reports in the file on him from years past which will then percolate as leaks. Others say keeping them secret insures the Mueller report will be weak and the Deep State at bay for a while. The secret reports will crush too many folks' careers and legacy.