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Not saying these were bad officers, or that they deserved to get shot. I hope NO officer ever gets shot in the line of duty.

However, the man believed he was dealing with a home invasion by criminals, not police, and acted accordingly.

The jury reached the correct verdict.

I'm shocked and impressed they found 12 people to put on a jury that all had common sense.

They all voted "not guilty" even after the corrupt prosecution lowered the charges to try and up the chances of a conviction on something, anything.

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Good shoot, any man that comes into your home like that deserves to be shot, badge or no badge. :|

Seriously, cops, leave the door kicking to our troops overseas. We Americans are tired of the militarization. Same goes for the politicians who write the laws and send them to do this ridiculous crap.


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Police were looking for drugs and Rosas' nephew, who they suspected to be a dealer. However, the unnamed nephew was not home at the time of the raid.
Since they knew who they were looking for, wouldn't it be prudent to try to know where the guy actually was instead of assuming where he was before busting down doors? You know, actual surveillance? Or does the mantra of "qualified immunity" supersede actual police work anymore?

Glad the guy got off. Better yet, he didn't end up dead in the first place.

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In that article they were discussing another man awaiting trail, Marvin Louis Guy, when they also brought up another person in Texas, Henry Goedrich Magee, who the Grand Jury refused to indict and charges were dropped for virtually the same thing:

Complicating matters further for the prosecution in Guy’s case is the fact that a precedent has already been set in a similar case. As The Free Thought Project reported, charges against Henry Goedrich Magee were dropped following a TX grand jury’s refusal to indict Magee on capital murder charges for the shooting death of Burleson County Sgt. Adam Sowders, after the sergeant led a team of police officers into Magee’s residence using the same “no-knock†search warrant method. Magee claimed he was protecting his home and his pregnant girlfriend, the exact same claim Guy made upon his arrest.

After the grand jury refused to indict Magee, the case against him was dropped, just a few short months after the shooting occurred, quite a contrast from Guy’s imprisonment. Guy has been sitting in jail for two and a half years awaiting his day in court, held under three million dollars bond.

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Another article. Apparently Mr. Rosas' home had been attacked in the past by gang members with guns after he testified against them in court.

And then there is this:

The officers gave conflicting testimony about his demeanor after the raid. Some said he was uncooperative and profane (both of which would have been perfectly understandable, given the circumstances). Others said he was cooperative and apologetic.
And this:
During the commotion and confusion of the raid, one of the police officers inadvertently shot one of his fellow officers in the leg. Like Rosas, that officer made a mistake that caused a police officer to get shot. But unlike Rosas, he wasn't charged with a crime. Instead, prosecutors charged Rosas for the wounded officer's injuries.
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