Male Gym Teacher Punished For Refusing To Oversee Middle School Girl Get Undressed

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  1. Phil1979

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    Male gym teacher refuses to be present while a girl (who "identifies" as a boy) undresses in the boy's locker room. The school punishes him by reprimand and a transfer to another school.

    What if all gym teachers took a stand like he did? Would they transfer them all? There'd be no gym teachers left at schools with mentally disturbed kids.
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  2. Nemo

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    I think I would have to get the sheriff involved.

    Boss is trying to make we watch a female child undress when I do not want to and will not.

    I wonder how they would respond to that. Unknown person might send an anonymous email to Tampa newspaper or TV station advising them of the schools trying to force a teacher to watch naked other sex kids in school gym.


  3. Fallschirmjäger

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    I wonder what they'd have said/done if he Demanded to watch the undressing?
  4. moe mensale

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    So the school district sees nothing wrong with putting both the male and female PE teachers into potentially compromising positions? Not to mention what could happen when a naked pubescent girl (regardless of what sex she thinks she is) is thrown into a locker room full of naked pubescent boys! What's the probability of those boys sporting boners? Yeah, about 100%.

    And the school district imposes a gag order on their staff to keep the whole pile of crap out of the public's awareness. Especially the parents who apparently have no right to know what's going on here? That entire school board should be arrested.

    This entire "what sex/gender am I today" bullshit has got to stop. I hope Trump follows through with his proposed guidelines.
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  5. gunsmoker

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    related question regarding adult supervision of naked kids in locker rooms and other situations:

    What about homosexual adults supervising children of the same sex-- meaning the sex that the adult is attracted to?

    Sure, you can say that gay men are not attracted to boys-- children. You can say that being "gay" just means that these gay men like MEN and want to get with MEN. So the kiddies should be safe. (Right? You beleive that, don't you? Accept it as the Gospel truth?)

    If that's true, then why not have straight men supervising groups of naked female children? We are not going to assume that they're pedophiles, right?

    But tens of thousands of years of human experience has taught us that it's not a good idea for men to get be around naked underage girls, and I'd say that's STILL a good rule to follow. And I'd expand it to homosexuals supervising kids of the same sex, for the exact same reason.
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  7. Nemo

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    Please note, I have used "her" in here as that is my belief. You can use He, She or It as you deem appropriate.

    Lets leave out all the attracted to ideas, and the molester ideas about what happens when the teacher acts strictly on a professional basis with ethical actions.

    What happens when she decides that the teacher looked at her wrong or did not respond properly or teased her or made her feel bad or anything along that line and goes to her parents or cops or admin with the accusation.

    Teacher is shafted from before the start just because of the #metoo and similar groups.

    How about a couple, bunch or all of the guys in the class figure it out and start teasing her, calling her like the detective, Dickless Tracy or something anywhere along that line.

    School's idea is simply bad from start.

  8. Malum Prohibitum

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    I am in my 50s. (I was in my 30s when this web site was launched!).

    I do not remember coaches watching us in the shower at all, either in middle school or in high school.

    I do not think my teenagers even shower at school anymore (gross).

    Do y'all remember coaches watching you in the shower???
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  9. Wegahe

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    I'm in my late 60's. the coach was always in the locker room with us. He was in his late 60's at the time. No one thought anything about it. We did not have a female coach but the girls did and had their own locker room. We also did not have co-ed PE. Boys and girls had PE on alternating schedules. Back then parents didn't attempt to confuse the gender of their children by insisting the join the "Boy Scouts" or play on the football team with the boys. While we didn't have a girls football team we did have girls softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball and shooting team.
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  10. moe mensale

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    Absolutely! Not every second but popping in and out. To stop all the pubescent bullshit we did. Like towel snapping someone's ass or dick. Goosing someone. Stealing their clothes from their locker. And other assorted fun stupid things that we all did. :panic:
  11. moe mensale

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    Yeah. About that.......... :popcorn:
  12. Tinkerhell

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    ALLLL the gender BS aside.... (and it is BS)

    Refusing is the only out this guy had in my mind.
    If he agrees then eventually he's going to be called out as a male watching a female adolescent take her clothes off. If he's lucky he doesn't go to jail or get tagged as a child sex offender.

    I'm with MP, the coach might have walked through or stuck his head in the locker room and shouted to hurry the hell up but otherwise no adult was regularly in there with us. Lots of bullying went on because of that. :(
    We all survived.

    The girls had separate PE and coaches (though we both had opposite gender coaches for various things at various times. I recall having the hots for one of the female coaches back in the day. :)