Making a website ?

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    How do i make a simple website to advertise on?

    What do they cost and how do you get listed on search engines?


    Fixed the Title for ya
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    Re: Malking a website ?

    You need two key components to have your own web site.

    1. A domain name you can get these very easily by finding a register such as godaddy or Bluehost. A domain name should only cost you about $10-$15 per year. Many are happy to charge you more than that.
    2. You need a web host which is a computer that will hold your files that are your website. I would highly recommend Bluehost. They cost $6.95 a month.
    I’ve used them for years and they have always done good by me.

    Once you have a host, build your website files (Bluehost will have templates and software to help you with this), post them on the host server and then set your domain name to the DNS server names your host provides and you have a website.

    Search engines will find and crawl your site eventually and you can include meta data and other data into the code of the site to help them. You also can manually submit your site to search engines or use a service to do it for you. Most hosting companies will offer this too.

    I’ve just made it seem a lot easier than it is but if I could do it anybody can.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Re: Malking a website ?

    What's 'malking" ?? some new html terminology?


    Sorry couldn't resist....
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    Re: Malking a website ?

    If you just want something simple, try Google Sites.
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    Re: Malking a website ?

    Me neither, for a moment I thought he meant "milking a website". :lol:

    But it is OK now.