Magazines for Taurus 92 AF

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    I have one of these, and one of my kids has decided it is his favorite pistol to shoot. It came with only one magazine that holds only 10 rounds.

    I searched all over the internet, and it appears identical to the 15 round magazines.

    I saw a "block" that limits the magazine to 10 rounds, so I disassembled my magazine, but it did not contain anything like that. I reassembled it and placed 10 rounds in the magazine. I then applied a lot of force, but, no eleventh round would go into the magazine.

    Is there anything to look out for when ordering a higher (standard) capacity magazine?

    I read some good things about a company I had never before heard of, Mec Gear.

    I don't really want the 30 rounders from WalMart like in the video below

    I want magazines that fit and function like they came with the gun.
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    From what I understand, Mec-Gar makes some quality magazines. I had a couple for the Kel-Tec P11 I used to carry, and they functioned flawlessly.

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    I have a Taurus PT-92. As you likely know it is a Beretta clone with a few differences. The safety is on the frame, not the slide like the Beretta. The magazine retention slot is NOT the same. This is by design. Beretta was afraid of Brazilian-made magazines undercutting their margins. You can cut a Beretta mag to fit a Taurus, but not the reverse.

    Mec-Gar is the current contract magazine manufacturer for Taurus. OEM = Mec-Gar. I have some OEM mags, some ProMag magazines, and some odd-balls I picked up at various gun shows. I have had zero problems with OEM and ProMag magazines. All fit the gun well. OEM are 17 rounds, ProMag are 15 rounds. At the range, I load everything to 15 for consistency. For carry, I fill them up. I find the Taurus magazine will "rattle" a bit when it is full or near full. This is consistent across manufacturers.
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    Mec-Gar is the way to go.
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    Best available. Many companies reportedly contract with them to produce standard factory mags.