Macon woman & stepson held hostage for money

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Tinkerhell, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Can't find any links for it yet, but a local woman in Macon got bushwacked in her front yard. She went out early yesterday morning to work in the yard & came across a guy hanging out. She asked him what he was doing & he mummbled something about fishing in a pond nearby. The woman explained that it was a private pond & then the guy pulled a gun on her. He ended up taking her back into her home and tieing up her step son. After a couple of hours he told her to go to the ATM & take out money. She left & called the cops. They ended up getting the guy & no one was hurt but I don't know the details of how it went down.

    One more example of why I'll be carrying when I'm in my yard, or at home or where ever else I can get away with.
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    The guy was just misunderstood. All he wanted to do was fish some to feed himself. He deserved some compensation. :wink:

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    I'm glad it turned out ok for them.