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January 22, 2018 03:33 PM

As is so often the case in shootings, an argument appears to have precipitated the gunfire that wounded a young woman who was reportedly fussing with her boyfriend near Capitol Avenue in south Macon on Friday.

A Bibb County sheriff's report of the 8:30 a.m. episode, which happened at Chatham Street between Houston Avenue and Broadway, a few blocks north of Guy Paine Road, does not mention what the couple had been fighting about.

All the write-up says is that while Malikah Harris, 18, and Darius Bernard Haywood, 25, were arguing, Haywood "became upset and threw a brick at the window of her 2004 Dodge Stratus."

The report adds that Harris stopped the car and when she did "Haywood started shooting at her," wounding her in the left thigh.

Harris then phoned her mother, Tamyka Harris, who called 911 while she herself headed to the scene.

When Tamyka Harris, 42, got there, the report goes on, her wounded daughter climbed into her car.

"Mr. Haywood tried to approach (the) car," the sheriff's write-up says, "but Tamyka gave Mr. Haywood multiple warnings to back away. … When he did not comply, she got out of her vehicle. Mr. Haywood still didn't comply. That's when Tamyka drew her handgun."

It was about then that a sheriff's deputy wheeled up and saw a man running down Capitol Avenue with Tamyka Harris aiming her pistol at the man.

As of Monday evening, no charges had been filed in the matter.

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Smart guy to run away. I guess his dumbness pills controlling up to that point wore off with the adrenaline surge.

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