M&P Shield - Had to send back for warranty repairs :(

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ookoshi, Jun 14, 2017.

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    Since you can get a M&P Shield for like $329 shipped, and there's a $75 rebate right now as well, I decided to get a second one. My first Shield is already my EDC, but my wife liked it as well so I figured I'll a second for the times she decides to carry.

    Got it transferred NIB to me locally, brought some Wal-Mart Federal 9mm ammo and a cleaning kit with me, so I went straight to the range to test it out. After putting about 200 rounds through it, I boxed it back up and called S&W for a shipping label to send it back. :sad:

    I didn't clean the gun before putting the first 50 rounds through it. Yeah, it's not lubricated, but still, my EDC sometimes doesn't get cleaned for a few months if it's just sitting in my holster, so, it needs to run even if it's not perfectly maintained.

    The slide failed to properly return to battery on 15 of the first 50 rounds. It was only off by about 1/32-1/16", but it was enough to make the gun not work until I pushed the slide back forward. Also, 2 Failure to Fire malfunctions. I ejected the first round that failed to take a look, the primer was dented but the round didn't fire. It fired after I loaded it back in and fired the gun again. The second round I just half racked the slide to reset the striker and the round fired normally.

    I then field stripped the gun and cleaned and oiled the gun, very thoroughly. I put another 150 rounds through it. The gun again failed to return to battery in 55 out of the 150 rounds. Also, 8 more rounds failed to fire, all 8 successfully discharging the second time through. Both failures happened with both the 7 round and 8 round magazines.

    Even if the FTF's were the fault of the factory new ammo, there was still an over 30% failure rate after 200 rounds, not acceptable. Never had a problem this bad with any other gun, and was really surprised they dropped the QC ball this badly, given their reputation. My other Shield runs flawlessly, as does my M&P 40.

    Also disappointing is the turnaround time. In my lifetime, I've sent in 2 other guns back to the factory for repair work. The first was a CZ-75B where the magazine release was worn and the magazine would randomly drop out when shooting it. CZ-USA spent less than 48 hours at their shop. My second with a Sig 1911 C3P that had an occasional failure to feed, especially with cheaper 1911 magazines. Sig polished the feed ramp which fixed the problem. They got the gun Monday morning, I got an e-mail with a tracking number Monday night.

    According to various gun forum posts, people are experiencing a 4-6 week turnaround time for repairs from S&W. I mean, I guess they do have the most popular handgun in terms of sales, but still a little disappointing.
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    Sorry about your problems with the new Shield. Was the WalMart 9mm from Federal their aluminum? It tends to expand a good bit in the chamber, haven't had good luck with it myself.

    I think S&W has been pushing to meet the demand given their $75 rebate. I've seen reports of people taking one home, post-rebate, for <$200. Their QA seems to be a bit strained right now from reports on some of the more shooting oriented boards I frequent.

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    I bought mine from AO because of the rebate, ironically respected forum member DonT sold it to me :)...havent had any issues with mine. I also put an apex trigger in it as well...still no issues...its been flawless.
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    Dan, glad to hear that the Shield is working well! And I'm sorry to hear about ookoshi's problem with his. Disappointing. They make a lot of these guns, bound to be a lemon or two, I guess. Still, it has got to be frustrating to wait on the repair.
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    Mine doesn't get shot or carried as much as the M&P9 and 9c. I tend to only carry it when I hink I will be forced into much denser crowds than I like. Its had probabl 500 rounds through it in the three years I`ve owned it. I haven't had any issues wih the Georgia Arms fmj and jhp ammo I run. It gets a cursory visual check ans wipe down every range trip ( usually four mags so 30 rounds ) and a good clean and oil every 150-200. I did run 150 through it as quick as I could load mags before I started carrying it.