Lovely, Just Freakin Lovely! I got shot at tonight.

Discussion in 'In the News' started by CoolHand, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. CoolHand

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    Tonight my fiance' and I came home from visiting her folks in Statesboro. On the way here we came up on a light metallic colored Toyota Sienna minivan with Berrien county plates driving slowly and erratically (weaving into the other lane). After following him from about 4-5 car lengths behind for approximately 1/2 mile. I passed him once we got to a straight section of road. As I passed him he flashed his lights and honked his horn at me. We quickly lost sight of him and proceeded about 5 more miles to my house.

    As we arrived and parked behind the house my sister and brother-in-law pulled in and parked down at the barn. My brother-in-law had left his glasses in the farm truck. Everyone was out of their respective vehicle and I walked towards the barn to see what was up when I saw the van slowing down about 1/4 mile down the road from my house. I stopped in the darkened driveway to the barn and watched it. Both my fiance's car and my sisters had their lights on and are similar shape/color. The van passed from my view in front of house going about 25-30 mph (guesstimate). I turned to go on down to the barn. The moment I turned away from the road I heard a shot like a small caliber .22 and what sounded like a bullet hitting metal (tinging). I said "S#!t!", ducked, and turned towards the road/source of the sound. I moved behind a pecan tree and drew my Kimber pistol. As I was moving I saw the van accelerate away from the opposite side of the house heading towards town.

    I shouted "Did you hear that?!" to everyone. They said yes and asked what was it. I replied that I thought that the peckerwoods in that van just shot at us and/or the house. I called 911 on my cellphone and gave'em what I knew and they said they'd send a deputy up to take a report. I said thanks and hung up.

    I started looking at the front of the house, garage, cars, etc... for holes. Everybody else came up and followed me around. I checked the highway in front of the house for a shellcasing. I didn't see anything so I herded everyone to the back of the house. About twenty minutes later the deputy showed up. I told him the same thing I told the dispatcher and the first the letters of the car tag. The other 3 people told him that they'd heard the shot too. He said he'd go into town and radio the 2 local cops to BOLO for the van. He left and my sister and her husband left 5 min. later.

    I ain't holding my breath for the cops to catch anybody given the vague description, darkness, and the lag time. Before anybody goes yelling I'm anti LEO or something I want to say:

    It's not law enforcement's fault it's just the way life is. They aren't omniscient god's or flying purple spaghettti monsters.

    Now that I've said that let me vent. I'm very very very ticked off right now at a van of drunk/stoned and obviously stupid people. I'm also mad with myself for not watching for 2 more seconds to see if the van emerged from the other side of house. I knew they were acting weird and posed a potential threat.


    2nd lesson learned: I live in the boonies in South Georgia, not Albany, or Macon, or Atlanta. It's a very quiet laid back low crime nothing hardly ever happens kinda place. That doesn't mean I can be a slacker and let my S.A. level down.

    That's all for now I've gotta do some work.
  2. Adam5

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    I'm glad to hear that noone was hurt. Keep us updated if you hear anything else, and let us know if you find a shell casing or bullet hole in the daylight tomorrow.

  3. merlock

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    Glad you're OK. +1 on your lessons learned.

    Stay aware; those morons just might be brazen enough to make a return trip. :x
  4. SamTay04

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    :bigshock: Damn it man. That's crazy. At least everybody is ok. Maybe the cops will find them *Fingers crossed*. I had the same kind of attitude last week when I was involved in a minor hit and run accident. I figured that with the half A$$ed description I gave, they would probably never find them. They called me about 3 hours later and said that an officer had someone pulled over and they thought it was the vehicle that pulled out in front of me.
  5. cdtracing

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    Glad to hear everyone’s OK.

    You gave a good description of the vehical. Make, Model, County, and partial tag. The SO might surprise you and find the ass wipes.
  6. Bulldawg182

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    This world is going to :censored: ! Thank God you're all ok. It's asshats like those who do nothing more than pollute the gene pool and it's only a matter of time till they wind up in the cesspool.

    Not to spark concern, but stay well armed since they know where you live.
  7. ptsmith24

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    Yea, with the tag they could at least find the owner's address. That should help out of course. Good luck with it and keep us updated.
  8. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    True, like we didn't aready need a reason to be paranoid. Glad everyone is OK.
  9. Claire

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    Glad you're ok.
    and hope they find the asshats

    agree with staying well armed or if they were that drunk they forgot where they were
  10. budder

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    I'm glad no one was hurt! You did well and even got a good description of the van. Hopefully they'll get caught.
  11. SilentGhost

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    Glad everyone is ok. It is a very scary feeling being shot at. Hopefully those people will be caught. In the mean time, all us around the area could also be looking for:

  12. tace

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    wow! Glad everyone is OK. Hope the cops get the BGs.
  13. Dan H

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    Glad you are ok.
    Time to invest in a SHTF gun!
  14. CoolHand

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Looked everywhere this morning and couldn't find any extra holes in anything. No brass could be found on or near the highway either. That being said there's a ton of house, garage, farm equipment and vehicles that they could've hit and I just haven't found it.

    I haven't heard a peep from the Sheriff's Dept. and don't really expect too. The sheriff wasn't at church this morning or I'd have asked him about it. I'm gonna ask the police chief in town about it tommorrow if i see him. He usually stops by my cousin's hardware store/local news room in the afternoon to have a coke and catch up on local goings on.

    As to arming myself, I don't think that's a problem. My friends all say that my house is the local armory and rendevous point in case of a zombie uprising. Personally I still believe what the DI's taught me at Parris Island about having your weapon(s) within arms reach at all times. I've been kinda slack on that lately but not anymore! It's just a good rule to live by and you never can tell when some peckerwoods gonna try and start something.
  15. GAGunOwner

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    Wild story. I'm glad you are okay.
  16. ptsmith24

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    If they weren't holding the gun out the window when they were shooting, wouldn't the brass stay in the vehicle? I hope these lowlifes are found.

    Also could have been a revolver.
  17. Macktee

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    I understand your feelings here.

    Do I sound "new age" or what?

    I've been on the receiving end of shots fired by a drunk, low-life, trailer-trash, redneck piece of :censored: before and it's something that pisses you off more than scares you. At least, that was my response.

    I hope the cops find these dirtbags, but don't really have much hope. Sounds like you did, and are doing, everything you can. We simply cannot be too alert. Good luck and keep your eyes open in the future.

  18. Sharky

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    WOW, craaaazy.

    happens everywhere anytime.
  19. USMC - Retired

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    Speaking for the drunk, low-life, trailer-trash, rednecks...

    We don't drive mini-vans!

    Sounds like a soccor mom with a bad case of PMS! :lol:
  20. Gunstar1

    Gunstar1 Administrator

    Correct, it would have been a truck that was well past the warranty expiration.