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As far as I know, this is a government building/entity of DeKalb County. Upon entrance, there is a large weapons are not permitted sign (professionally purchased looking sign). I think the sign had an image of a gun. I think another sign is on the other entrance.

They did have a uniformed armed security guard walking around inside of the building.

Does a DeKalb County resident want to contact them concerning this preemption violation?

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I don't live in Dekalb, but I emailed them:

Dear Dekalb Officials,

Are firearms permitted inside the Lou Walker Senior Center carried by those who possess a valid weapons license?

If not, I hope you do realize that Georgia has state preemption with regard to all weapons, including knives.

Even if the center houses or is the place where a "government entity" meets in its official capacity, it is not a crime for a licensed carrier to carry a weapon past a weapons screening point unless it is manned by at least one POST certified officer.

From what I gather, you do not even have screening, merely a guard walking around. That does not fulfill the requirement of state law in order to ban weapons.

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

Phillip Evans

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Has someone tested this by carrying into the facility? I think a resident needs to do that, and then be prevented from entering or asked to leave due to being armed, before anyone can decide this is an issue.

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Come on Phil, give them more than a Friday to put a policy together and decide a semi-plausible argument to make. Remember the for the children idea won't work in a Senior Center. Unless they think the older folks become children again argument will fly and I think they ain't quite that dumb.

But then again, it is county govt.

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