Lost (then found) Spyderco EDC; need to tighten clip

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Verbal101, May 8, 2017.

  1. Verbal101

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    Does anyone know the size Allen wrench necessary to tighten the belt clip on a Spyderco?

    Yesterday I came inside after several hours of yard work, emptied my pockets and noticed my EDC wasn't there. I got my wife to help me search the house, because I didn't want my 1 year old to find it. It wasn't inside.

    So I proceeded to retrace my steps outside. Nothing. I had been putting down landscape paper and pine straw. Was it under that stuff? I broke out the metal detector and went over the whole area. Nothing.

    I checked my car seat, floorboard, and the "vortex" (the spot where everything goes when you drop it in the car). Nothing.

    Did I lose it at the hardware store? Did my pocket carry .380 push up on the knife just enough to unclip it?

    I had already mentally spent the $90 to replace it, when I picked up my jacket. Hmm, the jacket felt a bit heavy. There it was. The belt clip had dislodged from my pocket, and caught on the cuff of my jacket sleeve.

    Phew! Those dang belt clips can snag on anything.
  2. ber950

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    I lost a Delica several times before giving up and going back to an Endura. The weight difference makes it harder to lose. That little Delica and similar sized Buck just wouldn't stay in my pocket.

  3. UtiPossidetis

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    Spyderco clips are held on with T6 Torx Drive bolts.