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I've launched a new website project and we're looking for hunting related stuff - photos, stories, drawings, poetry, etc. If any of you guys have stuff like this that you'd like to see published online, please send us an entry and we'll take a look....if we like it, we'll put it online and you'll be a published author, photographer, poet. If we don't like it or can't use it - or feel it's just not in line with what we're creating, it won't be published. Pretty simple and to the point - no hard feelings. You can send us as much stuff as you like...

We'll consider anything and publish lots of it. You keep the rights to your work and just "loan" it to us to publish on our site. Think of it as the "regular joe" of outdoor literary and photography sites:

Braided Currents

thanks everyone.

oh, and Merry Christmas to everyone at GP. btw
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