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Hmm, I'm probably the lone dissenter here, but I never really understood the whole "chicks in bikinis with guns" just seems so set up and fake. I guess I just like to keep my hot chicks and my guns as separate pasttimes. :twisted:

On another note, those girls are probably less hot after they are all bruised up from shooting that big .50 BMG rifle... :wink:

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tony218 said:
the blonde with short hair, lauren, is friends with a guy i work with, she lives in newnan ga.
Any chance? Any chance at all she gets all excited and filled with lustful thoughts just thinking about old guys with not very much hair and way too much gut?

If so, I think we're a match made in heaven......! :love:

Oh yeah! Tell her not to worry about the wife...

As hot as she is, the first thing I'd do is bring her home to show her off!!!

Yeah! Really! My wife would be proud of me.


Maybe not happy, but she definitely would be proud! Yeah really!!!

OK, I hear you. I can't explain it either.

I mean, like..... who can understand women???

I just know she'd be proud and pissed. As in VERY DAMNED pissed! But still proud.

Women! I don't understand them, but I sure do love them!

:screwy: :love: :screwy: :love: :cantsay: :help:

So? Think she'd like to make an old guy very happy just one more time? :love:

Tell her it would be her contribution to helping out old farts... Very grateful old farts... Or, at least, one particular old fart!

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