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Lockheed is a big smart company, but how's that fusion coming along ?

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I'm about to declare this project behind schedule by a couple years based on their first claims.

Step one is getting the experiment to work.
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Which confinement will win: Inertial, magnetic, or electrostatic?

I mean I guess gravitic confinement is also an option but that has a few challenges at the moment.
I know the one at Oakridge keeps getting put on hold, the government won't help fund it.

I've heard some very intelligent people tell me this is an impossible way to make energy because we cannot get the mass to make it work. We'd need the mass of an entire star or planet to make it work, how are we going to get one of those close enough we can compress it's mass and harness the energy?

Plus, that much heat, you can't be anywhere near those kinds of heat. If any matter gets that hot it would kill every living thing within 30 miles of it, no man made thing could stop that kind of heat from killing everything.
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