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  1. Dawg

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    First time posting, so I hope this works haha.

    I applied for my GWL today in Clarke County, and was wondering the correct interpretation of the "locked in a vehicle" provision. My car has a glove box, but I cannot lock that glove box. Would it be illegal to put it in there if I wanted to leave my weapon in my car?
    Just trying to get a grip on the legal places/ ways to carry before I begin practicing them. Thanks!
  2. tmoore912

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    :welcome: from Savannah. I'm not sure what locked in a vehicle provision you are referring too, but you do not have to have your gun locked up in a compartment or case to have it in your locked car. There might be some very specific places you would have to have your gun locked in a case and away from the ammo, but for everyday you can just have it out.

    I do think it is a good idea to have a gun safe in your car for times that you have to disarm, but not a lot of people have them. It would be better for us not to have to disarm so criminals can't smash and grab our guns we have to leave behind in our cars.

  3. CoffeeMate

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    Just guessing here...
    Note the phrasing...
    "...locked compartment of..."
    "...locked container in..."
    "...locked firearms rack which is on..."
  4. Rugerer

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    The part where people ride is called a "passenger compartment", yes? Given that the law used to describe something with a locking lid (didn't it?), wouldn't merely locking the car satisfy the intent of the law?

    Personally, I have a Center of Mass box for peace of mind.
  5. Dawg

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    (3) To a weapon or long gun possessed by a license holder which is under the possessor's control in a motor vehicle or is in a locked compartment of a motor vehicle or one which is in a locked container in or a locked firearms rack which is on a motor vehicle and such vehicle is parked in a parking facility.

    This was where I was confused...
    I assume "under possessor's control"= obviously, you have it in there with you
    "in a locked compartment of a motor vehicle"= ?? I assumed this to be a lockable glove box (of which my car doesn't have)
    "in a locked container"= ?? possibly a firearm case
    One of you mentioned that this script could simply be talking about a locked car, but then why would they mention locked locations in vehicles such as "firearms racks".
    Would I be outside of the law to leave my firearm in my unlockable glove box??
  6. mathar1

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    According to an SCMP buddy of mine inside an un lockable glove box BUT the car windows are up and the door is locked meets the locked compartment requirement.

    YMMV and this DID come from a LEO so..... :sly:
  7. groats

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    There's legal, and there's smart.
    I'd go for smart here. Buy a locking box, and fasten it down in some hidden location, so some crook doesn't get a free gun.
    The fact that this would also satisfy the legal part is of secondary importance.
  8. RecoveringYankee

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    EITHER you have it in a car with the doors locked (the passenger compartment) or in the trunk (also a compartment that locks)

    OR in an unlocked vehicle (such as my Jeep which does not lock at all), the weapon is in a locked gun safe, or a locked gun rack, or a locked glove compartment.
  9. Dawg

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    Thanks for the clarifications (and a few acronyms I haven't learned yet SCMP? YMMV?) It seems the best idea would be to look for a lock box I can put down in my car somewhere. Any links to good ones would be great!
  10. Rugerer

    Rugerer GeePeeDoHolic

    I have a Center Of Mass In-Car Safe, keyed version. I felt the key lock was more secure than a 3-number combination.
  11. Waynedawg

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    Thanks for this link!
  12. Five2one

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    I am not a lawyer or a legislator but I assumed leaving my firearm in a unlocked glove box or console in a locked passenger compartment met the letter of the law. If I had a open convertible or topless jeep, then it would have to be in some other locked compartment or container.

    Now that I have a son, I use center of mass car safe with the combination lock. I'm more worried about his little fingers finding the trigger than anything else. All guns are locked up or on my person until I am sure he respects firearm safety.
  13. ET.

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    I have a Jeep Cherokee & I purchased one of these gun safes for my car also. I wrap the cable around the seat post and slide the box under the seat. It pretty much will keep the honest people from succumbing to temptation and grabbing my gun. A pro will get the gun in a matter of seconds anyway. It's kind of like my security system at the house. It will scare off kids and first timers, but a pro will get around the alarm. Anyway, the car gun safe makes me feel safer. so I guess that means something, doesn't it?