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Living with a felon question.

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So I'm about to move in with a person with a first offenders plea on a possession with an intent to sell. The offender told me there is a chance to have the house searched at any time with no warrant. I was also told as long as I had my firearms in a safe there would be no issues. In my searching I cant find any info on this. Can any of ya'll help me out and point to the GA law and/or let me know how extreme I need to be with firearm related items. Do I just need to lock up the firearm, the ammo, the mags, or everything firearm related?
Thanks in advance.
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If you're in the house, you can carry your firearm on you. If you're in your room and you have a lock on the door, you can have it on your night table. If you leave the house without it, which you shouldn't do anyway, locking it in a safe is a good idea.

And welcome to GPDO!
Call G. Gordon Liddy. He can give you some tips for having guns while living with a convicted felon.
Kanga, there are a few threads here about this subject already.
The danger is if the cops ( or the felon's probation officer) thinks the felon is in "constructive possession" of a firearm (or ammunition!) by both 1 and 2, and 1 has two alternatives- (1)(a) the felon has the ability to access it or control it, OR (1)(b) the felon controls the person who possesses it (in other words, the gun's owner is the felon's agent or servant who will use the gun as directed by the felon),


(2) the felon has the intent to have that gun under his or her control, either alone or shared jointly with another person.

Like in any other case any court might have to deal with, since mind-reading is not scientifically-valid evidence, a person's "intent" can be proven through inference and circumstantial evidence.

The bottom line is that if you keep your guns in a KEYED gun safe and keep the key only in your possession or your private storage area of the home, not a "common area," and any time a gun is out of the safe it is with you, on your body or in a container that you are personally transporting, you and this from should be OK.
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