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Liquor stores

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Can you OC or CC in a liquor store ? Or are they off limits ?
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zookeper said:
it's ok, only where alcohol is served is off limits

And, if there is a no gun sign posted, you must leave when asked (and hopefully never come back to give them your business); if you don't leave, it's trespassing.
legal yes, but be careful. i know for a fact that the liquor store owner of the store i visit occasionally carries as well. shouldn't be a problem - two law abiding citizens carrying weapons......but it is nice to know, just in case you see him getting fidgety. you can't assume he will act rationally if he sees your weapon.

another consideration....don't take this to be in poor taste.....but the store owner is foreign born (not born in america). the cultural differences - attitudes towards guns and those who carry them - might be a good reason to be on a little higher alert.
As a side note (and since NC has reciprocity with GA), I believe the liquor stores in NC are state-owned...Also, in NC, the signs have weight. I think that's what I remember about reading the laws. I believe USMC-R used to live in NC, so he would know better. Maybe he will chime in if you're more interested in NC's stuff.
i wondered about this one as well. good question, and thanks for clarifying.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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