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    I just checked the site and see a green check next to Chatham but even the write up when you hoover over it states they do not follow the laws. Also notice the Bryan co has a X next to it even though I have seen post here about members getting theirs in under 60 days.

    I know that Chatham is NOT following the laws, who can fix the green check to a X?

    Also those who have new information on your counties please update your county data at
  2. Adam5

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    Send a PM to GS1.

  3. Gunstar1

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    Chatham was just wrong... I know they are not following the law and I have updated it.

    As for Bryan County, I have not gone through the forum lately looking for updates, the ones that are emailed to me using that form at the link you posted get updated usually within a day or 2.
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    just looked up Bryan Co posts, you are right that the time is under 60 but the last report is that they are requiring SSN and employment information so they do continue to not follow the law.

    However, if you or anyone else wants to help me out by checking the forum and the list for differences and when they are found just post the link in this topic, that would help a bunch.