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Libra - libertarian short film from the 70's

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The film is about 40 minutes. The setup is that in the "far future" of 2003, a one-world government is doing a poor job of distributing resources like energy that are produced by monopolistic cartels. Libra is a space station with an independent libertarian government that's undercutting the energy cartels by providing cheap solar energy to Earth. Afraid of losing their control over the economy, the government dispatches a "World Senator" to Libra to negotiate and debate with its leaders to bring their energy and manufacturing production under control of the world government.

The effects are awful even for the time and the decor and costumes are Peak 70's, but the science is basically sound even where the depictions are goofy. It was apparently produced by a group that intended to create that type of space colony and get a bunch of libertarians to emigrate to it. Worth a watch when you have the time.
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Damn. The first 40 seconds sounds like today! :panic:
They should have asked Gene Roddenberry for some assistance. :lol:
Rather not well made. Gene and Majel could have made it excellent. But the story . . .


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