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The Bible is very clear about the role a Christian must play in regards to government authority. A Christian is supposed to obey the law, and obey the government in place. The Bible is also clear about the role that government authority must take. The government is supposed to treat us fairly and justly.

When there is a contradiction, i.e. when the government imposes a law that is against God's law, and is direct disobedience to God, we are to disobey Government and have faith in God (For God created the government just as he has created us).

This goes back to the very first form of government we experience in life - our parents. God commanded us to respect and obey our parents "for this is right". But God also commanded parents to treat children with respect and fairness.

When a parent is abusive, it hurts the children. When a parent deceives the other parent, it creates an environment that is hostile to the children and divides the family. When a parent's private emails are leaked by wikileaks and exposes fraud and corruption, the children may still love and support that parent, but they will never trust them again.

trust is lost forever.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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