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Less Recoil than a CW9?

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I took my wife to the range today to shoot her CW9 and my PM9. (She didn't want to shoot my CW45.) Both the CW and PM were really jumping in her hands. That might be due to their thin grips. I'm going to work with her on her grip, but if that ends up not helping much, what can some of you recommend with still decent power but less recoil? One of the salesguys at the range suggested the Sig P232. I ran into a friend there a few minutes later and he said that he has a Sig P230 that he might be interested in selling or trading. I know that's a .380 and pretty much at the bottom of the recommended size caliber for self-defense, but the salesguy said that the recoil would be much less. Any experienced opinions here? Her trigger finger reaches better on the CW9 than the Sig 232, too.
My wife is 5'1" and about 110 eyed and a little babe.
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Hey jre,

A few questions: Is she using this for CC? Is she able to get a 3 finger grip on the CW9?
Car console carry and CC, yes, and she can get a full grip on the CW9. I'm hoping I can fix her grip.
Kahr K9 (The steel version of the P9 and CW9). It's heavier weight would give her less felt recoil. On you can find used ones for around $550 ... =207777049

S&W 3913 is a great shooting 9mm. They made a Lady Smith version of this gun. They don't make them anymore, but you can find used ones. ... =208800251 ... =208173235

She doesn't need to go to .380 to get less felt recoil in a compact gun
Two lines of thought:

1) Metal frame guns

My wife shoots the Kahr K9 (23oz). Twas the smallest gun she could handle, the steel frame seemed to settle things a bit in her grip. Weighs a bit more than the P9/CW9 series(15.8oz). She greatly preferred it to my Glock 19. Not sure if the K9 would be an option, or even the MK9 (22oz)

The Sig P230, as you probably already, know is a fixed barrel, straight blowback model. Some find it to have a much recoil as a 9mm. For MY wife, that wasn't an option. We haven't shot the P232, which is a different model altogether.

Other concealable options with metal frames include 3rd generation Smith and Wessons (3913, 3953), and the SIG P225 or P239.

2) Grip improvement

I don't know if someone makes a slide on grip to increase the diameter of the grip, and provide some cushion to the hand during recoil. Just a thought.

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Yeah, I'd try a heavier gun.
My girlfriend didn't like shooting my Taurus PT-111 Millennium, because it was rather snappy on recoil with a lot of muzzle flip-up.
But my gun has a titanium slide and only weighs something like 15 oz. empty.

She later bought her own Taurus PT-111 Millennium PRO, which has a stainless steel slide. That brings the empty weight of her gun up to something like 25 oz. This keeps the recoil down to something she can manage.

Final point: How about using lower-recoiling 9mm ammo in the CW9?
Something that's not +P rated, and maybe something in the 115 grain weight range instead of 124 grain? This might help a little.
Having owned a CW9 in my "handgun novice" days, I can tell you that proper grip makes all the difference in the world. Get both hands (but especially the support hand) high up on the gun and grip it with a pretty firm grip. It makes a huge, huge difference in felt recoil, and a bonus is faster follow up shots.

That being said, something like a Glock 26 with a dual-recoil spring might feel softer as well - and as a bonus, I feel the shorter grip is more concealable than the CW9 grip (and, the difference in width is negligible).

This is a great tutorial:
jrex , I've got a P230 she can try to see if she likes it before you buy one. Just let me know. I'm in PTC quite often.
I think this is all about weight. I have a CW9 and it definitely has more recoil than the S&W 9c I used to own. Recoil will always be more in a lighter gun of the same caliber. But as someone already suggested just make sure to get a nice high grip on the gun with two hands.
Is she looking for a carry gun or a range gun?

If she wants a carry gun, then the next step is to determine whether the limiting factor is going to be size or weight. If it is size, that may just affect capacity. If it is weight, then you might need to look at a smaller caliber.

A used H&K P7 is double the weight and the cocking mechanism encourages a good grip. It is more of a point and click exercise than shooting. It may be a bit much for a carry gun though.
the size and weight of the CW9 are ideal, bettered only by my PM9. if a grip correction doesn't improve her results then I'll probably have to entertain the .380 Sig 230 or 232. Too bad the P238 has about the same recoil as her CW9. I had a Sig P238 and loved that little sucker, but alas, it got traded straight up for the PM9.
I'll probably rent a G26 to let her try that, too. My 16 yr old filly shot a G26 one day and said that it kicked less than the that's yet another option. that grip angle may work for her. I wish that trigger was a little longer, though, for safety's sake.
try the mk9,same grip and feel as the pm9,but with a few more ounces to help control the girlfriend had issues with the pm9 and the kel-tek pf9 but the mk9 has tamed the savage beast and she likes to shoot it more than any other pistol she has tried :righton:
The Glock 26 would seem to be a much easier pistol to shoot than those tiny Kahrs, especially with a Pearce grip extension on the mag. A whole-hand grip makes a difference. The trigger can be stiffened up to require a more deliberate pull, should you so desire.
The Sig 232 would be a milder-recoiling pistol, due to the .380 chambering, but the 239 is about the same size, and is chambered in 9mm. Both are traditional double action.
The third-gen Smiths are good choices, too, and offfer a safety lever.
If you're looking to stay in the same size range as the Kahr, the metal frame Kahrs, or the .380 Kahr is going to be the way to go. They're much easier to shoot than the polymers.
Take a peek at is new from Taurus....My gun guy had a new one in his shop that I looked at is real nice....light...nice grip...and 15 rounds for a 380...... ... umbseries=
Get her this one, a CZ-83: ... s_id/13660

Just a hair over 28 oz. with a 3.8" barrel, and 12+1 capacity. Recoil should not be a problem with it.
The way you hold the pistol and the pistol grips themselves can help her manage the pistol better, but if it is truly a reduction in recoil you are after, its physics and not magic. Reduce the power of the cartridge by stepping down to a low power 9mm load, a .380 or .38 special (not +P) in the same weight pistol or revolver, or increase the weight of the pistol using the current cartridge, or both a power reduction and weight increase combined.
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