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Your Honor, it is indeed a letter opener. Honest...

It's even described as a "letter opener" by the manufacturer. ... pener.html

C.I.A. Letter Opener
This updated version is made from GV3H, the high-tech composite from Switzerland made with 30% glass fibers. This completely non-metallic device provides superior plunging power as well as a hard edge. This unit is very stiff and sturdy. I actually cut my finger on its edge. The scalloped serrated edge on one side gives additional opening power on fiberous materials. The built-in clip eliminates the need for a sheath. The contoured handle is comfortable to hold and has a thumb depression for a secure grip. There is a hole in the handle for a lanyard. The C.I.A. Covert Cutter is completely non-metallic, non-magnetic, and non-absorbent. Total length: 7 inches. Color: non-reflective black.
Designed by Blackie Collins

New federal regulations state : Carrying this CIA Letter Opener into an airport is a felony offense.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.

CLO-STpadUsually: Best Price: $8.95, 2/$15.95
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