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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by artz, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. artz

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    A pocket knife comes in handy for a ton of situations and jobs but,
    I have quit carry my Benchmade Griptillian knife (4" blade) for fear of breaking any laws.
    What blade size in a pocket folder can I legally carry in this state ? Does anyone know ?
    To all you LEO's, if the law can not be interpreted to such, given common sense, what would you suggest (off the record of course...) ? :?:

  2. ICP_Juggalo

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    I have only known one person to be charged with carrying a concealed weapon in regards to a knife. This person, at the time the charge was made, was also in progress of burglarizing a restuarant. So that has led me to believe the charge of carrying a concealed weapon with a knife only seems to apply when the person is committing another crime.

    The statute says "Knife designed for the purpose of offense or defense". And it can be argued that a person carrying a concealed knife while committing a crime is carrying for the purpose of offense or defense. That is my take on it, but as always I could be wrong and :ianal: Even though I like to play one here on GPO.
  3. jrm

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    The knife has to be "designed" for offense or defense, not "carried" for offense or defense.

    That means the state would have to prove that the knife in question was designed for offense or defense. That standard is a little vague (without information from the manufacturer of the knife), but you can imagine the kinds of things one might use as evidence of the design purpose of the knife.
  4. ber950

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    I avoid knives with fighting names like Close Quarter Combat(CQC7) by Emerson and Advanced Folding Combat Knife(AFCK) by Benchmade.

    I would hate to be in court trying to defend myself for carrying an AFCK
  5. jrm

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    Exactly. If the word "combat" is in the name of the knife, the state will not have to work very hard to convince a jury that the knife was designed for offense or defense.
  6. jrm

    jrm Sledgehammer

    On the other hand, just the opposite is true for the Woodcarver 2000, or the Acme Utility Knife. :D
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    RIPNITZ Guest

    HAHAHA :D :lol: Honestly judge, Its a letter opener. hehe, I bet that wouldnt hold up in court. lol
  9. Macktee

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    Your Honor, it is indeed a letter opener. Honest...

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