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Leather OWB Holster w/ Dawson Rail Options?

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I've been looking around, both google and multiple forums, and can't seem to find any options. The only leather holster I can locate for my Gov model 1911 is a Kramer. I've had my hands on one and loved it but just wanted to see what my other options were before ordering.

So do you have one? Know of other places that sell them? Let me know! If you have one post up some pictures please.

If I do end up ordering a custom I'll have R Grizzle Leather make one along with a magazine holster for me. Lots of reviews and pictures are making this a strong option. I just hate having a ~10 week wait time and then being without my weapon for ~4days. Probably worth it though huh?

Thanks in advance.
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You can have one from in about a week. Nobody makes a holster or belt any better.
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