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    http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b852a826-2272 ... z1BPIEkLrh

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    Learning Mandarin is actually a good idea regardless. Americans seem to be far less likely to speak a second language than most other nationalities. Spanish and Mandarin would be two ideal second and third languages for anyone that is inclined so for a variety of reasons. If you are not inclined so that is fine. Not attempting to start a national identity debate or anything. Just seems like a good all around idea. If you are inclined so...

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    My second son speaks Mandarin.
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    That's the least of our problems. I just heard from someone who knows a lot more about money, international finance, and politics than I do, said that if the Republicans do not raise the debt ceiling in three months, we will default on all of our loans, and there is no doubt that the dollar will then be dropped as the World Reserve Currency, and it will be replaced by the Yen. The exact thing that the Chinese President said recently.

    The President of China basically called the dollar worthless and antiquated, and that the Yen is the currency of the future, (and I agree with him because of how F'd up our country has become thanks to politicians) and that the Yen should be the World Reserve Currency.

    There are some VERY prominent, expert professionals out there that have said exactly what will happen WHEN not IF, the Yen replaces the dollar as the World Reserve Currency, and replaces the dollars as the Oil currency.

    When the Yen replaces the dollar as the World Reserve Currency, the stock market will have a huge one day crash. It will bounce back the next few days as international investors move in to buy now worthless US companies stock. It will be like junk bonds. Over the next few weeks expect massive layoffs, massive unemployment, and an entire crash of our economic system. There will be people breaking into super markets to steal food when they can't afford to buy it anymore, and there is no government assistance. After that, they'll come to your house to get what they need.

    I hope they are wrong about this, and I absolutely hope that it never happens. According to a lot of experts we really do have to raise the debt ceiling. Its a issue of National Security. I think I was wrong when I said earlier that not raising the debt ceiling would be catastrophic.

    We have so many unfunded liabilities, so much debt owned by China, that if we do not raise the debt ceiling we will default on our interest on our loans to China, our currency and economy will become insolvent, and the Recession of 2008 will look like a bump in the road.

    Do you see the predicament that our government spending, our politicians, Big Business, and our Federal Reserve system has got us into? We literally have to take on more debt, we are forced to take on more debt at this point, if not, its a huge National Security Issue. Do you see what they've done to us?

    This is so beyond FUBAR that I think I need to come up with a new name for it. We are so F'd. Take on more debt, or die. That is literally where we are as a nation right now. How said is that?

    China owns us right now, and they will literally own us, as in we will work in high-rise apartment buildings, walk downstairs to eat in a cafeteria with everyone else who works in your factory and lives in your apartments, and you will go to work in the factory that is down below our apartments. That is what life and work is like in China for most. Welcome to Amerika, because it is coming.

    Thank you so much all of you POS politicians. We have you to thank for all of this.
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