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Why ?

Why do you hate lawyers?
And if two people have a disagreement as to what law to apply to a certain situation, or HOW a particular law's words should be interpreted and what kind of outcome should result from it, is it a good thing that either person be able to hire somebody who is familiar with the law and arguing about how laws ought to be applied to people's problems to advocate for his side?

If we don't have lawyers, (specifically, litigators-- trial attorneys)
then whenever there's a problem both sides will end up having to gather their own evidence, research the law all on their own, come up with a persuasive argument about why "the law" requires that they win and the other side lose, and then each side will actually have to write their papers and show up in court to orally argue their case.

Do YOU want to do all that? And do you want to take the chance that you can do it better than the other dude-- the fellow you're suing, or the guy who is suing you? Or would you rather hire a professional, figuring that if both sides have clear and well-researched legal arguments, the resulting decision will be based on which argument has more merit, rather than which one was more polished and was more entertaining to watch/ read?

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