Lawyer Shoots Carjacker

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    This news article really does read like a bad movie. A masked bad guy is chasing the lawyer's car while the lawyer is waiting for the slowly opening gate to let him out of the parking deck, so he finally has to shoot him.

    Oh, what does the anti side say about this to the reporter? They comment on Florida's new "Stand Your Ground" law:


    Whole article here.
  2. slabertooch

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    So do any of these critics have any documentation supporting their claims?
    If so I would love to see them.
    And who are these "Critics" and where can I find some.

    sounds like the guy had intent to kill to me. Sounds like a clear cut case of Self Defense.

    Sounds like the law is preventing dark Florida parking lots from turning into shooting galleries.

  3. USMC - Retired

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    Last time I was at a "shooting gallery" I didn't notice the little tin ducks being armed and shooting back. It would seem that they had the shooting gallery set up BEFORE the stand your ground law went into effect. One thing I did notice... The shooting gallery idea never works out too well for the ducks.
  4. GeorgiaGlocker

    GeorgiaGlocker Romans 10:13

    Would the critics rather have a dead lawyer to talk about? :shock: oooh. Sorry MP.
  5. Gunstar1

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    Yes, they would.

    Take a look at any group with an anti-gun agenda. They do not ever spend there time and money on anything related to actual overall death/ violence reductions, or real safety improvements. They only advance ideas that will look like they doing something, while it is really meant to reduce gun ownership. They do not focus on why there is violence and try to fix it, they are only interested in the guns. If they reduced the causes of "violence" then gun violence as well as knife, bat, fist and feet violence would go down as well. No instead they are fixated on the guns and the good (self defense) and bad violence they cause, which only ends up reducing the good violence and typically increases the bad.

    Also, ever noticed that gun-rights group are all (as far as I can tell) membership driven organizations. They may have a few corporate sponsors, but the bulk of their actions are from member dues and donations. Whether it is GCO or the NRA, if you don't listen to your members and you make the membership dried up, the group would stop functioning.

    The opposite is true with anti-gun groups. Other than the AHSA, there are very few anti-gun groups you can be a real dues paying member of. Most may have a newsletter signup and a place to offer donations, but that is not the same as a dues paying member who could be voted in to run the group. They function mainly from corporate grants and leadership money to function. They have only themselves or the corporate sponsor to answer to.

    They do not like discussions either. Most all anti-gun websites do not have any form of comment area.
  6. slabertooch

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    Because discussion leads to enlightnement, and exposure to different points of views.
  7. And again, yes, they would love for the lawyer to have been killed. What better way to focus more $$$ for police, etc., rather than the simple right of citizens to defend themselves. And also just another opportunity to say, "See what guns do?" :x

    Just another way to bend the conversation away from the real problem. :evil: