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Lawyer Conceals 9mm in biefcase, gets caught at courthouse xray

Link to Original Story

The Florida Times-Union

November 4, 2006

Lawyer faces concealed weapon charge

The Times-Union

A Lake City lawyer faces a felony weapons charge after Baker County authorities said he carried a loaded 9mm handgun into the county courthouse when he arrived for a domestic violence injunction hearing.

The weapon was discovered Wednesday as his briefcase went through an X-ray machine, Sheriff Joey Dobson said Friday.

"Our security and our machine did their jobs," Dobson said.

Because attorney Foye Buchannon Walker said he did not have a concealed carry permit for the weapon, the Sheriff's Office has asked the State Attorney's Office to pursue a charge of carrying a concealed weapon, which is a third-degree felony.

A person who has a concealed carry permit can still be charged for taking a handgun into a courthouse, but it is typically a misdemeanor permit violation.

Walker entered the courthouse just before 1 p.m. Wednesday.

"I asked him to place the briefcase on the conveyor belt [and] he advised me he was an attorney," Officer Robert Brannan Jr. said in his report. "I ran the briefcase through the X-ray machine and at that time he advised me that he only had legal stuff in the case."

Brannan took possession of the briefcase when he saw the contents.

The handgun, a Ruger P89, had a fully loaded clip, but there was not a bullet in the chamber, authorities said.

Walker "tried to appear it was surprising to him," Dobson said. "He said he had cleared out his desk and forgot to take it out."

Sgt. Charles Ross, who is in charge of courthouse security, said the attorney said he carried the weapon because of threats against him in Columbia County.

Ross said the attorney kept asking authorities to give him a break because he was a lawyer.

"He, more than anyone else, should know better," Dobson said. "This is a serious matter."

Authorities noted in their report there are at least two signs warning people not to carry weapons inside and that they will be arrested if they do so.

No one returned a message left late Friday afternoon on a voice mail at the phone number Walker provided to authorities.

[email protected], (904) 359-4182

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Malum Prohibitum said:
" . . . Dobson said. "This is a serious matter."
Yeah, if it was not for the quick action of these deputies, he probably was about to shoot up the whole place.

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I guess the lawyer didn't know that for a successful courthouse shootout you either have to be important enough to be exempt from the x-ray/metal detector checks at the entry points or you have to go in unarmed and take one from the under-staffed armed guards inside. :roll:
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