Lawyer beats federal conspiracy charges arrested

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    How serious are those "eight counts of distribution of a controlled substance?"

    Misdemeanor or Felony? How much time do each of those counts carry?

    They have it all on video and audio... sounds like he's in real trouble.

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    I have no link for this info, but it was in the Fulton County Daily Report this morning. The GBI admits that no money changed hands. They had a very, very good friend approach him asking for the pills. These came from his legally prescribed medications. 11 pills over three months, one or two at a time.

    Shelnutt contends other friends recently told him the GBI was asking them to approach him and get him to do "anything" illegal.

    Is this potentially linked to the complete failure of the 40 count indictment? Judge Clay D. Land told the prosecutors that they had made "sweetheart deals" with some of Columbus's most notorious drug traffickers and that their judgment had been clouded by their zeal to take down a prominent Columbus defense attorney. There was a huge flap over prosecuting him for accepting the proceeds of drug sales for his criminal defense fee on drug charges, which is perfectly legal.

    Think the two are linked?

    Anyway, it is a felony for you even to give one pill to a friend or family member, so do not do it - especially if "the man" has it out for you.
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    Just another reason to stay as FAR off the radar as possible. We live in a word with a government that if you beat the rap.. expect to get set up on other charges rather quickly. Even if this guy is guilty of any of this, they had it out for him from day one. I'm o99.999% positive that LEA's get rather ill if you as a defense attorney cost them a case they spent thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in man hours and equipment and evidence such as using cocaine or something for a sting. then incomes this DA and the criminal they had all this proof on walks out free. Makes you feel like it was a huge waste of time. If I was this guy, if I walked from this, I'd get the :censored: outta dodge and never turn back. He's officially on that list that none of us ever care to be on.
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    Where should he go? After he does leave what stops them from going after the next guy?