latest attempt to win votes.....

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    I wish I had a ton of money sitting around so that I could spend the huge amount of up-front investment it takes to set up alternative energy sources for MY home.
    But then, I wish I could take 8 vacations a year and blow half a million of the taxpayer's money sending my family to Europe for a trip.
    If Obama wants to impress me with his desire to conserve energy, I want to see him take a tire gauge and check the tire pressure of every limo he rides in from now on. Actually crouch down and do it himself, like the rest of us would.

    Oh, and no turning on the heat until November. If October gets cool, just deal with it.

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    :lol: Very good point, gunsmoker.

    Also, I agree. I would love to have the type of money to blow on solar panels, and I would love to become completely self-sufficient on my electricity that I use, but the point being that solar panels may take 30 years to pay for themselves, and on top of that, most solar panels may not even last long enough to pay for themselves.

    Right now, at least, solar panels are a huge loss of money, so only a rich person can even think like that. They are a losing investment for the average man.