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dcannon1 said:
I might have to look into a compact to go with it
Wow, nice price! I paid full price for mine (1.5 times that, with no holster or 3rd magazine) but it was worth every penny. It's a great pistol, I haven't had any FTFs or any problems in my several hundred rounds so far. I'm now looking at getting a P2000SK in .40 S&W. :)

Scotsman said:
good to know about the grip. Need to find a place that rents one, or an owner to go shooting with.
Bulls Eye Marksman Gun Club has a .40 USP in their rental case (according to their website at least) if you want to try one out. If that falls through, I might could find time to meet you at the range with mine.

If the grip doesn't work for you, then also check out the P30, P2000 and HK45. These are basically new and improved designs based on the USP/USPc. All of which offer changeable grip panels and Picatinny rails on the P30 and HK45, as opposed to proprietary rails on the USP, USPc, and P2000. I haven't found the rails to be an issue, but it does limit your accessory options some unless you get an adapter.

Wikipedia has a nice page on the USP.
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