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I am writing this from the Las Vegas airport, where I am waiting on a flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta as I type.

Not including the time it took to wait in line, it took me a solid hour of time between the check-in agent and her manager before I started to head for the security checkpoint.

So, here's the story. I get to the baggage drop agent for Delta. She is friendly up until the point which I say "I am checking a firearm." Her demeanor then changes. She tells me she needs to see the firearm. I open up my hard cased luggage, inside of which is a hard cased pistol case. Inside the pistol case was my firearm, 2 magazines, and a plastic box with 50 rounds of ammunition (with case separation, basically those plastic boxes that people use when reloading to store ammo). She immediately declares that the ammunition must not be in the same hard sided case as the pistol per TSA regulations, which is wrong.

TSA regulations:

# You must securely pack any ammunition in fiber (such as cardboard), wood or metal boxes or other packaging that is specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.
# You may carry the ammunition in the same hard-sided case as the firearm, as long as you pack it as described above.
She at first claims I must put in separately in the luggage "because if someone steals the gun case they'll have the gun and ammo as well." I state if someone steals my suitcase they'll have both anyways. She says she's not going to order me to separate it but, "the TSA will deal with you if you're going to pack it like that." At that point my GF asks me "Is that the regulation?" I respond, "No, it's not." My GF is not in a good mood with this conversation and steps in, telling the agent, "Look, he knows the TSA regulations, why are you treating us like this?"

My GF calls out the agent on being rude, and the agent ignores her and tells me to lock up my gun case and she's going to place the bag on the belt, and after TSA is done they'll call me to lock up the case. She points over to the side and tells me to wait over there. After she tells me to wait to one side, she asks my GF if my GF was checking a bag. My GF responds, "No, this is a carry-on" the agent snidely replied "Well that's good."

So while I'm waiting for the TSA to finish their inspection, I ask one of the other agents to call for a manager. The manager comes out and I relay my story. That 1) the agent doesn't know TSA regulations and was causing problems because of it, and 2) the agent was extremely rude to me and my GF, and that I believe that the treatment was at least partially due to my declaring that I was checking a firearm.

First the manager claims that the agent obviously didn't intend to treat us differently because of any views she might hold (how she came to this conclusion without speaking to the agent in question and without being there I don't know, maybe she's psychic). Then, she sees I have a padlock in my hand and asks me if my bag is locked. I said no, it's not, as I was directed to wait here to lock it up. The manager then gets a worried look on her face and she tells us that I was supposed to go ahead and lock the bag and the check in agent would let me know whether I was clear or they needed the key to open it. I told her that was not what the check in agent told me. She then went to talk to TSA regarding my bag. TSA told her the outer bag didn't have to be locked, just the gun case (true, but one reason to check a firearm its to allow you to lock the outside case to deter theft). I said I don't care that TSA is ok with it, I don't want my suitcase with a firearm unlocked. She then had to track down my bag in order to put my lock on it.

This was an extra hour of rudeness and hassle simply because one Delta employee didn't know how to do her job. She tried to tell me she knew better because she had been an agent for 30 years. Well, apparently not. Delta corporate is getting a letter.
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