Lake Lanier stop with DNR

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    So yes finally I was able to meet the good folks at the DNR. A friend of mine has a skiboat that had a missing letter from the registration on one side. The port side contained the letters for the state however the starboard side was missing (fell off or something, I remember him placing them on both sides).

    Upon contact they pulled up next to us and introduced themselves to us. They notified us of the infraction. Now I am pretty interesterd to hear in from any DNR members opinions of this stop.

    They tell him he needs to get the letter replaced and all. I wasnt sure if the law stated the registration had to be on both sides of the vessel. I am researching that now.

    After that they decide to make sure we had life jackets, fire extinguisher, and all the usual requirements of boat safety. Then they ask "were you all going?" HMMMMMM I was about to respond, well sir none of your buisiness really, but thanks for asking!! But not my boat, so I remained silent for a bit. He kind of looked at me when asking and I just politely responded, "were just out enjoying the day".

    He then said he was just wondering if we were lost as we had a map out and he thought we were lost. I thanked him for his help and said, nope we have a map so we DONT get lost!

    They held us for a few more minutes and kept looking around for booze and whatever else might give them a reason to board and get nosy. Of course no booze on board and I did NOT have my firearm. At this point they had no reason to hold us any longer and I asked if there was anything else they needed or could we go on enjoying a beautiful day on the lake. They thanked us for the time and were polite.

    DNR fishing for something, probably. Did we deserve to be pulled over for something like that, I am not sure. I have to check on the laws in GA regarding registration display. But other than that they were ok.

    Does anybody know off the bat if the registration must be displayed on both sides?
  2. USMC - Retired

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    The registration number and validation decal must be displayed as follows:


    Number must be painted, decaled or otherwise affixed to both sides of the bow
    Number must read from left to right on both sides of the bow
    Number must be in at least 3"-high block letters
    Number’s color must contrast with its background
    Letters must be separated from the numbers by a space or hyphen: "GA 3717 ZW" or "GA-3717-ZW"
    No other numbers may be displayed
    Decals must be displayed on each side of the bow, before the prefix letters of the registration number

    The DNR guys were just doing their job. You wouldn't believe the number of idiots that boat while drunk. Most likely they picked up on your apprehension and took it as a sign you were hiding something instead of just annoyed at being stopped.

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    My last experience with the DNR was on Lake Russel. When we were coming in we came off plane to go under the bridge in front of the ramp then back up for the 1/4mile to the ramp then back down in the no-wake zone. Well about the time we pulled out a couple of officers pull up and proceed to hassle us about not slowing down for the bridge. Something they couldn't even have seen being they weren't there yet. They only wrote us a warning. :roll:

    I personally think they were just trying to prove to their boss they were out "working."
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    I seem to remember that the DNR and Coast Guard are allowed to board and search any water borne vessel without cause. That would apply on Lanier since it is a federal waterway. there was a case from 5 to 10 years ago about that.

    My experience with the DNR has been good. Any contact, they always do the safety check routine. There are an astounding number of drownings and serious injuries on Lanier. The DNR is one of the few law enforcement agencies that honestly cares about your safety when they do the checks, and they don't do it as a ruse to find other violations.
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    Thanks Gunny. I will pass this on to my buddy so he knows. He probably has it fixed already.

    Yeah at first I wasnt sure of the registrations requirement as I do not have a boat, and it was pretty clear it probably fell off (still can see the outline of the glue backing on the fallen letter). As I mentioned above, they were pretty cool and once they saw all other requirements were there and it was pretty obvious there wasnt any beer or alcohol on board they eased up.

    I am not bashing them in any way. I was apprehensive only because after all was said and done they were just standing looking around and after about 5 or minutes they just stood there holding the boats together. I mean heck if they wanted a samich and hang out all they had to do is ask! :wink:

    All on all nothing too much and they seemed nice, I just thought the searching for stuff and asking where we were going and where we came from got old and none of their business. Thats all. I am glad they stop people cause the lake does get out of hand sometimes.
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    They should set up checkpoints or something... :oops:
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    My sister used to be with DNR for quite a while. Unless I am seriously mis-remebering, DNR can go on just about any property without warrent or otherwise. I don't think they can enter buildings but they can hop right on over your fense, wander about your lawn, look in the front window of your home, snoop around in your backyard or whatever. I've heard a story or two where local enforcement (PD/Sheriff/GBI) would tag along with DNR, under the auspices of DNR authority, so they could look around to get enough PC for a warrent for a crime totally outside of DNR's normal realm of enforcement. :?