Laid any asphalt lately?

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    There's a story going around, "Top Ten Weird Marriage Laws" or somesuch, and my browsing around after that discovered a weird law in Georgia supposedly requires every able-bodied male between 16 and 50 years of age to work on the public roads. I tried to find the source of that and couldn't. But I did find a Florida case. Anyone know of the Georgia basis?

    Butler v. Perry, 240 U.S. 328

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    Give me the training and access to the equipment and I'd be glad to go fill potholes on Russell Pkwy and Watson Blvd.

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    At one time, even after the Bill of Rights was passed, that several states had official religions and it was ruled to be Constitutional to have such.

    - - Remember the language of the law is "Congress shall make no law ..." unlike the Second Amendment's " ... shall not be abridged [without citing a limitation]."

    Amazing how in time that the meanings of just those two amendments can be interpreted to become almost the opposite of what they were first meant to be, isn't it?