L.T.E.: College Students Are Citizens, Too

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    LTE published by Williamsburg Gazette in response to "No Guts on Gun Control"


    America was founded and has long been protected by private citizens
    and military members of college age.

    College age military members do an outstanding job protecting all of
    our freedom with guns.

    College students are citizens too and also have a right to keep and
    bear arms and are fully capable and responsible enough to carry
    concealed weapons and defend themselves if attacked with deadly force
    in a classroom environment.

    Criminals love unprotected, weak, and vulnerable targets yet avoid
    protected, strong, and well protected targets. Clearly, there are not
    enough police to protect us all.

    How many lives may have been saved if a legally armed student or a
    professionally trained, in-classroom security officer had had stopped
    the assault at VA Tech early in the rampage?

    Protect that which you love with guns, if absolutely necessary, when
    you are confronted with deadly force, like we Americans have done
    responsibly since this country began.

    An armed citizen is a citizen; an unarmed citizen is a subject and an
    easy target for criminals. Criminals are the problem.

    Stephen Slyfield
    LTC (Ret)