Kroger encounter and sighting

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    We ran to Kroger for some things and were looking in one aisle for something near a man who was also looking for something.

    He: Excuse me, sir. Do you know the closest place to get a concealed license?
    Me: I sure do, Gwinnett County Probate. Wait. Are you a resident of Gwinnett?
    H: Yes. I live just right around the corner actually.
    M: Well, then it's Gwinnett County Probate down at the Gwinnett Courthouse. Here is a card that explains everything.
    H: Is that the closest place?
    M: It's the only place.
    H: Oh really! Ok.

    He turns to walk off, as if anxious that he's bothering me, while I'm still looking for the other card.

    M: And here is a card for GeorgiaCarry. Look us up online. We'd really be glad if you'd considering joining.
    H: I'm about to join the NRA, but I definitely look at this.

    The sighting was a few minutes later. As we're walking down the back row, I see someone turn down a row with a single-stack on his belt. The open-carry weather is a nice change.
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    The more the merrier!

  3. Didnt know we had a concealed license. LOL