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    So, Im about 10 days into my %*&$^#& smoking cessation, and there is a gun show in Savannah at the end of the month.

    My wife says if I quit for good, I can buy a new gun, and I don't have a 1911, so Im thinking of the Kimber Grand Raptor II ... raptor.php

    Any one here anything good or bad about this lovely piece?

    Im also looking at the Eclipse, very pretty!

    Could use some advise!!!


    One %*&^$# miserable displaced yankee!!!
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    Dr. G,
    I currently own (5) Kimbers:
    1. Desert Warrior
    2. Custom Tactical II
    3. Custom TLE/RL
    4. CDP custom Pro
    5. Ultra Carry II
    I wish I could convince you of owning another 1911 but I am affraid I can't, because all of my Kimbers have performed flawlessly.
    I do own other 1911's that I truly enjoy; SIG GSR Revolution, SIG GSR XO, Taurus PT1911, Para Ordinance C645 LDA, Para Ordinance Warthog, and a collection of revolvers from a 38 snubby to the massive 500 Magnum. So the bottom line is if you are set on a Kimber, go for it. Now for all you colt, wilson and others out there, I just love my Kimbers.
    Take care, 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)