Kimber Arms moving headquarters from New York to Troy, creating 366 Alabama jobs

Discussion in 'In the News' started by StarJack, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. phantoms

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    Kimber builds some darn nice firearms.

    Up to this year my EDC was a Kimber Ultra CDPII that's had a couple housand rounds through it and still doing great. This year I made the switch to a CZ 9mm. Even though I'm a dire hard 1911 fan, I figured with all that was going on this year capacity was more important.
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  2. StarJack

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    I've had a Desert Warrior since '05. When I bought it, jammed like heck with the factory magazines! Bought some Chip McCormick & CobraMags for it, hasn't jammed since.
  3. hammerg26

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    My TLE II is amazing.
    Glad to see Alabama getting some jobs.
  4. FrontSight

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    I've been carrying an older Custom Compact CDP II (with the external extractor) that I bought used from Shooter's in Columbus back in 2004. The Meprolite nite sights no longer glow, it's so old. With Wilson Combat mags it has been utterly dependable.
    It's my go to for defensive handgun.
    Now the Colt Mdl 1991 SS Commander I traded away was a different beast, rear sight constantly worked loose, didn't cycle hollow points very well even using Wilson mags.
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