Kicking myself in the a** since Sun night.

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Adam5, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Adam5

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    I'm kicking my self in a** still for something that I did on Vegas Sunday night. We were down far more than we had planned to gamble. My wife and I had discussed each using $50-$75 per day in Vegas to gamble. Ny Sat night we were down approx $500. She hit a little luck playing a nickle slot at the Rio before dinner. She put in a $20 and eneded up cashing out $150. After dinner and a show, we went back to our hotel (The Riviera), and I wanted to play some more instead of heading to bed. I had two twenties left (not counting a stash for cab to the airport and some emergency cash), I gave her one and put the other into a penny slot. I was playing 9 lines at the max of .20 per line until I got below $7.50. My very first spin after dropping to .02 cents per line hit a jack pot. My pay out was $250. If I had hit "bet max" again on that spin, it would have paid several thousand dollars !!!! I've been kicking myself in the a** ever since.

    Between her nickel slot hit and my penny slot hit, we recouped most of what we lost over the weeknd. I KNOW that I had more than enough free drinks to have technically been ahead for the weekend. We had a great time and saw two good shows. We decided to start going once a year for 3 or days.

    I'm still kicking my self in the a** for not hitting "bet max" on that winning slot pull though.
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    Ahhh....the "odds" favor the house...every time.

    Sounds like you had a good trip though!

  3. Adam5

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    We did, and that's what matters. Our room was free as were comedy club tickets. We cashed in frequent flier miles to get there and back. So it was a cheap trip. The most expensive part was the bill to leave our 5 dogs at the kennel.
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    When I read that, I immediately thought...What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.... :cantsay:
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    You've got to just let these things go...

    Back in 2000, there was a property available in Florida that could've been purchased for approximately $150K. With about $15K in rehab and approx $9K to cover holding during the rehab & projected vacancy, we could've turned this into a nice income property.

    The problem was this: we were about $24K light on the deal.

    Today, that property would sell for approx $730K.

    So what we lost was 7 years of income plus $706K in capital gain that we could've 1031'd into some nice houses or a commercial property.

    It used to gnaw at my gut that we weren't able to seize this opportunity until one of my mentors said this to me: opportunity, without the ability to act on it, is an illusion.

    What you lacked here was a crystal ball. With out that, you can only make decision based on the best available data at the time.
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    Yeh, I remember my grandfather being angry with himself for not buying up large parcels of land on Pensacola Beach when he was a young man. At the time they were going for $1 an acre and no one wanted to buy them. The reason? Well the only way to get there at the time was by boat and you couldn't grow anything in the white quartz sand so it was considered worthless land. Now a single small plot of land on Pensacola Beach can bring seven figures.
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    Several years ago, my wife and I went to Vegas. I really enjoyed it but my wife hates it still...

    We were checking into our hotel...

    Luggage still in the lobby...

    Three dollar slots near the check-in area...

    Wife had $200. in "gambling" money...

    Started putting dollars, three per play, into the machine in the middle...

    Started losing...

    Some guy walks up to machine on one side of her...

    Guy starts feeding in dollars, three per play...

    After a short while, bells ring, lights flash, guy wins...

    $10,000....!!! :woohoo:

    Woman walks up to other machine...

    Woman starts feeding in dollars, three per play...

    On the first play, bells ring, lights flash, woman wins...

    $10,000....!!! :woohoo:

    Wife is out of money... #-o

    Never, ever won. Not even one dollar. Her machine just didn't pay out anything. Nothing. She thinks it was defective... :bat:

    She's ready to go home...

    We hadn't even seen our room yet...

    She was no fun the rest of the trip. NONE AT ALL...!!! :boxing:

    I got lucky at craps the next day, so we ended up slightly ahead for the trip...

    Since that day, wife absolutely refuses to gamble :banned: and gets really cranky when it's even mentioned in her presence. Crankiness always results in blaming me for something... :Nunchaku:

    So Adam, it could have been worse... :cry:

    Much worse!!! :hardhead:
  8. Macktee

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    And, as for property in Florida...

    I was on spring break way back in the Jurassic era at Daytona Beach.

    There was a lot for sale on the beach with an old house on it. It was obvious hotels were marching up from the south and down from the north and would eventually meet at just about where this property was. Ray Charles could see it coming!

    The property was for sale for $20k.

    I didn't have $20k. or any way to get it.

    If I could have done so, I would have owned the property where the Daytona Hilton now sits... :cry: :cry: :cry: