Kennesaw area classes for a couple of newbies?

Discussion in 'Training' started by spotco2, Dec 28, 2010.

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    My brother in law got a new Glock 26 for Christmas and he and his wife are in need of some training.

    He grew up around guns and feels confident around them but could use some reassuring about a few things.

    His wife had never held a gun until about a year ago when I finally got one in her hands and now she really enjoys shooting when the family gets together. Now that they have a gun in the house she really wants to become more familiar with it. She is still very shy about touching one without supervision and really wants to have a little training.

    Are there any good beginner classes in the Kennesaw area that they could take together?

    They do not need combat training or speed shooting. Just some hand holding to get their comfort levels up to par and so that she is not afraid to move a gun off the table.
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    We run NRA First Steps Basic Pistol courses. I have three NRA instructors available and the classes run for two hours, three nights a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday).

    Call us at 770-425-8461 if you would like more details or to make a reservation. I usually have an instructor on staff at all times.


    PS - the website is

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    From Kennesaw, it's a short drive up I-575 to Holly Springs (just before you'd get to Canton).
    The Hi-Caliber shooting range and gun shop up there has classes.
    Their website should have the prices and the details.

    P.S. There's another gun shop and shooting range just 1/4 mile away from Hi-Caliber too, but I don't know if their range is actually open yet. It's called Big Woods Guns.
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    Big Woods range isn't open yet. Their still having trouble getting their vendor to actually get all the stuff for them though they did just get some more materials in. Probably a few more weeks at least before it's ready.
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    Thanks everyone.

    I will pass the info along to them.