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I bought my STI LS40 because I'm a 1911 fan and it's very concealable, it's basically a customized Officers frame but with a thinner very "glock-like" slide. The whole gun minus the wood grips is .75" wide, the grips are 1.0" so I wanted a very tight fitting OWB holster to take advantage of it. Problem was nobody made a holster for it, at least 2+ years ago anyway, so a friend of mine told me about Ken Null up in Resaca. I really liked his GSS, shown on the website with a revolver, so I gave him a call. He was very nice and offered to make anything I wanted if I left my gun with him for a few weeks (he has plenty of molds for all the common guns...) So I dropped in one day and he showed me his humble workshop in the middle of nowhere, I told him what I wanted and we messed with a few patterns getting it right. About 3 or 4 weeks later I came back to pick up what turned out to be an awesome black horsehide holster perfectly fitted around the STI. I love that thing, it's rock solid, very tight fitting, with great retention. It wasn't cheap but I think it was well worth it. And I've been told his belts are the best you can buy, with a Null pattented buckle that looks like normal...

Check him out...
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