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Kegerator **********SOLD***********

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Trying to loose wieght and beer on tap at the house aint helping me none.

Home kegerator built in a 2003 Kenmore refrigerator. System is top of the line, complete and in perfect working order. Comes with the following

Kenmore frig with working ice maker
Installed Kegerator kit including:
- Tap and Amber Bock tap handle
- Tap wrench
- Sankey coupler (used on most American Beer kegs)
- Aluminum Co2 bottle (never rusts and freshly filled)
- Dual gauge Co2 regulator
- Co2 and beer hoses
- Keg shelf with room for any size keg with space to spare for other bar items
- Drip tray
- Keg beer level monitoring strip
- Complete cleaning kit
Shelves on fridge door for storing mixers and other cold bar supplies
Freezer section holds sixteen frosted mugs (included, 16oz heavy mugs) with room for frozen mixers etc.
Empty keg included so you don't have to have a deposit in limbo

Everything together is over a $1200 value!

Price $600 or trade for high quality 1911's
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Probably the most painfull thing I've had to do in a looooong time! :cry: I just can't tell ya how nice it is to come home from a long days work to a nice cold beer in a frosted mug. Plus beer in a keg is cheaper and tastes better than bottled beer...
Well you resisted long enough. It just sold locally. WOOO HOOO! Now I can go shopping for a new Kimber!
Don't have any pics online. Off of beer at the house for a while. Tryin to drop a few pounds. That's the whole reason I sold it in the first place.
AV8R said:
USMC - Retired said:
Off of beer at the house for a while.
That's it, I don't like you anymore. [-(
No one said I was off completely....

Plus I still have the blender and lots of Cuervo....
Brian618 said:
USMC - Retired said:
Plus I still have the blender and lots of Cuervo....
Please don't tell me you're making frozen margaritas....Real Men drink them on the rocks. Next thing from a frozen margarita is daiquiri with an umbrella stickin' out of it. :neener:
I make em both ways depending on how hot it is. On days like today I like the frozen ones cause I feel like an idiot walking into the quicky mart and ordering a slurpie... :lol:
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