Keeping up with the list is hard work

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    Severing ties with businesses on the list, and informing them of my reason(s) for closing my account.

    REI account - done. REI sponsored credit card - in process. Gotta get the balance paid off first.

    FedEx - done.

    ebay is gonna be tough - too easy to locate hard-to-find items at the lowest prices there. Too easy to sell things and sometimes for the most money, because of the huge geographical market.

    FB - done, years ago. Permanently closed, instead of just made inactive like they don't want you to know.

    Google - with an Android phone, ditching them is pretty much impossible. The only time I ever use Google as a search engine is when DDG won't find what I am looking for. Google Maps can either come in real handy, or get you very lost, depending on where you are going. I have lost count of how many times their maps got me lost. Google Earth is extremely handy. My main email has been Gmail for many years. Lots of work to ditch that - gotta think of every account I have and switch the email on my account over to my fairly new Protonmail account. It will take a while, but I will eventually stop using Gmail and close my account.

    Amazon - not terribly difficult. I never liked it much, but it sometimes comes in handy for hard-to-find items. I have never used them because their prices are lower, because generally speaking, they aren't.

    Some of these are for purely political reasons - trying to not support businesses who jump on the libtard anti-gun bandwagon. I don't like supporting the opposition, either directly or indirectly. Using them, even if I don't pay them directly, is supporting them. Some of them I am ditching for data mining and tracking reasons. Some are for both reasons.

    While installing new siding on my house, all by myself, it's tough to do this work at night when I am beat. But I feel the need to do it, and I am working on it, as I can.