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K&D Holsters Review

Being an Inside the Waist Band Leather Holster Guy I was looking for a new holster that might offer me a couple of options. One being the typical strong side carry and the other being appendix. Trying several types I was getting frustrated, they either rode to high, to low or the cant just did not work. That’s when I ran across the Maverick from K&D Holsters. The holster appeared to be well made and sturdy, with an adjustable cant. I called Kevin up and told him I would like to evaluate one of the holsters. We briefly discussed the holsters design and he agreed to send me one made for a G19 to evaluate in a SouthNarc Extreme Close Quarters Concepts Class that was about 5 weeks out. It took about 4 weeks to receive the holsters, just in time to wear it some and to use in the class.

I chose the ECQC Class because it really will test a concealed carry holster for everything one should be, sturdiness, retention, speed, concealability and comfort.

My first impressions after seeing the holster was that it is well made, heavy cow hide and distinctly molded to its gun model. The stitching matched the color of the holster so it blends very well. The mouth of the holster has a sewn in reinforced band to prevent the holster from closing once the gun is drawn. This is a function I like, I do not want my holster to close and prevent one handed re-holstering. The leather is smooth out and rough inside, if you want to call it rough, it was actually pretty smooth which will help preserve the guns finish.

The belt loops are not your typical snaps or j-hook. The belt loops are available in widths of 1¼, 1½ and 1¾ inches, but they are a belt slide type loop configuration that is held in place by an allen screw. Once you loosen the allen the belt loop still will not rotate, it has to be removed to position two steel pins in aligning holes to get the specific cant that you desire. It seems at this point to be a very secure and sturdy system and can be positioned in almost any belt configuration imaginable, inside the waist band, strong side, cross draw, appendix as well as the same in OWB Configurations. I can say it really keeps the gun pulled in close to the body for maximum concealment.

I did notice that using the Wilderness Tactical Belt that I like so much is a bit of a problem, the loops are very tight and the thick section of the belt that has Velcro on it provided a bit of a task getting it to slide on the belt. Kevin informed me that if you give him prior notice the loops can be molded for a double think belt. The standard thickness leather belt worked very well and went on very easy. Both belts kept the holster in place very well with no movement.

The holster rode very well in the traditional strong side carry position as well as the appendix position. The appendix position was where I was initially concerned, but to my surprise the holster rode really well, not to high and not to low. It rode low enough that when I was bent over the gun nor the holster wanted to flip out of the pants, everything stayed right where it was supposed to. The loop system and its design works!!!!

At this point the only down side I see is there is no sewn in sight rails. I have a set of Sevigny Carry Sights on one Glock 19 and XS Big Dots on another. These sights dragged a little bit on the spine as the gun was drawn. This is a small problem and was addressed to Kevin (you might look for this to be added soon).

I took the holster to the South Narc Class and passed it around for everyone to take a look at. Everyone seemed to be impressed with the quality of the holster and was especially interested in the belt loop mounting system. I did not get to use it as much in the class as I wanted to due to the SIMS Guns being G17’s and my holster was for a G19. So I brought it home and got with a buddy. We wore it, drew from it, tugged on it and tested it for retention, both the belt loop system and the gun itself.

The holster held up well and retained the gun as well as any other non-security leather IWB. We experienced no drop guns or torn leather while rolling around in the dirt trying to take a Blue Training Gun from one another. The holster also stayed where it was supposed to on the belt. This has to be contributed to the tight fit of the belt loop.

All in all I think this holster is a viable selection for concealed carry, well made and durable. If we get the sight rails sewn in, it would definitely be one I would choose.

For more information on this holster and other contact K&D Holsters. Their information is:
Email- [email protected]
1808 Turkey Creek Rd.
Unit #9
Plant City, Fla. 33566

Ken Forbus
Owner FIREARMZ- Firearms Training and Defense
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