Justified Shooting?

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    I got this in a email a few weeks ago... Finally looked at it. Watch the videos in order. You'll be amazed.

    Before you watch the two attached videos, please read this.
    Be sure to watch the videos in proper sequence (first #1, then #2).
    These are videos of an officer-involved shooting. Watch the first video (from the on board dash cam of the third cruiser involved in the high-speed chase) and make your best determination on whether this is a "good shooting" or not. Be sure to watch the pertinent part of the video several times. Once you have made your initial determination, watch video #2. This is from the on board camera of the second cruiser that was involved in the high-speed chase. Does this change your mind? Moral of the story: Next time we see the video of the police using deadly
    force on the 6 O'clock news, don't jump to any conclusions that the officer was not justified in his decision.

    http://www.magnumland.com/Videos/Police ... spect1.wmv

    http://www.magnumland.com/Videos/Police ... spect2.wmv
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    Pretty amazing video. I counted five shots from the officer on the right, and two from the officer on the left before the badguy went down. I've seen debates about "stopping power" of handguns where some people call it a myth. This makes me believe those people that say a BG can keep coming even after you hit him with bullets. If the BG was facing the officers at the time he certainly could have gotten some shots off himself.

    You're right. The first video almost makes it look like it was an unjustified shooting. The second clearly shows the intention of the BG and that he had a weapon and was trying to use it.