Just realized my GWL expired last week. Can I carry on an out of state permit?

Discussion in 'General GWL Questions' started by ForsythGlock, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. ForsythGlock

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    I just realized that my GWL expired last week, and I am traveling to New Orleans tomorrow. I have an Arizona CWP, and I am thinking that I would be OK to carry with that. Anyone have any opinions on this?
  2. Glockenator

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    I am not certain, but I think that if your Arizona permit is valid in Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana, that you would be ok there. But I doubt your AZ permit is valid for you in GA if you are a GA resident. But it is not a problem in your vehicle, as a permit is not required there.

  3. Phil1979

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    Don't know about Nawleans law, but on-body carry in Georgia would not be legal with an AZ license, if a GA resident, unless you just moved here within 90 days.
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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  5. ForsythGlock

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    There were a few places that we went that made me glad I decided to carry on my AZ permit while in New Orleans. Coming back to ATL the bag was put in with over sized luggage and you had to present your baggage claim slip to an attendant, and they went behind closed doors to retrieve my suitcase. The suitcase was zip-tied and I could not open it until I got to my car because the only other knife was checked in the bag with the guns. I flew Delta both ways, and they simply put the bag on the normal baggage claim belt just like all other bags going to New Orleans.