Just got my first 1911

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    I just got my first 1911. It is full-sized.

    What do I need to know?

    I'm going to try to CC it. I'd like to find a holster that has a strap that will go in between the hammer when pulled back and the rest of the gun. Just one extra bit of safety.

    Do you know anybody that has these holsters?

    I got a lower-end gun so I'm trying to find such a holster in the less than $40 price range. I'm really not wanting to buy a holster for as much as another gun. I'm really just in the "let's try this thing out" stage. If its too much to conceal this thing, I'll probably just go back to carrying my Kel-Tec P-11. That's why I don't want to pay too much for the 1911 holster.

    I need a few extra mags too, any advice on that as well?

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    Don't skimp on the holster, especially with a heavier, full-sized gun.

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    That full size Gov 1911 will weigh about 16 oz, unloaded. Without a good quality holster and a quality gun belt it might take some getting use to.

    As posted above, don't skimp on your leather.

    You might want to pop over on the 1911 form and see what you can pick up used. Generally a few good holsters floating around.

    And congrat's.
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    My :2cents:

    You won't find a safer handgun. If you're going to CC, stay away from the thumb breaks. There are videos on YouTube showing how certain types of thumb breaks actually disengage the thumb safety on Condition 1 1911's. And if you carry IWB, there's no need to worry about it falling out unless you regularly swing from trapezes by the knees. Lower end holsters probably won't be as comfortable as some of the better brands, but I'm not saying you need to spend $150 on a holster. Not sure what your budget is for one, but there's plenty of comfortable ones out there that work really well for less than $100. Besides, if you upgrade to another full size 1911, the holster will still work for it. It's an investment. Some might say part of your new found insurance policy.

    Welcome to the club. :D
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    wild guess you must have gotten a RIA 1911
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    I got a DeSantis IWB holster for my RIA 1911 for $21 bucks from midwayUSA. I put some pictures and some more info about it here viewtopic.php?f=27&t=52851
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    That looks like a decent holster for the price but for all day carry of a 1911 I'd look for a holster with a body shield. I am currently using a Andrews Custom leather MacDaniel II that is very comfortable. I would also suggest looking into a Comp-Tac MTAC holster. They are also very comfortable and have a replaceable body so you can carry multiple firearms. Also keep in mind you will need a good reinforced belt to really make a good carry package. As others have said I wouldn't get a thumb snap or retention holster unless you plan on open carrying. I would strongly recommend Tripp Cobra Mags, they are pricey but worth the expense or Wilson Combat ETM which are a Tripp copy.
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    My IWB/CC holster for my 1911 is a Comp-Tac, as is the gun belt. Definitely get a good belt.

    Edit: Oops - almost forgot: Welcome to the single-stackers club!
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    I have a few McDaniel II's, excelent holsters and well made. One is open top reinforced for a Sig 229 so it carries my S&W 45 chief's special & my Bersa really well and then I have another for my 1911's that is a thumb release that also doubles as a body shield. Add a thick Andrews belt and you are good to go. Nothing but top quality well thought out designs from him.